Africa Merchant Capital Asset Finance (AMCAF) are specialists in asset funding. More than just a finance company, we offer a dynamic, dependable financial partnership with our clients.

We bring a unique understanding of asset finance and have extensive experience in the moveable asset rental industry.

The Business and Funding Model

AMC Asset Finance is the specialist Asset Finance division of the Africa Merchant Capital group of companies.

Our asset finance and leasing solutions complement our existing trade finance, renewable energy and corporate finance advisory businesses, thus broadening our bespoke merchant banking solution to the high-growth private markets of Sub-Saharan Africa.


Benefits to Suppliers

Satisfied clients:

Easy-to-understand rental finance for your client. Our off-balance sheet solutions will provide your client with the flexibility to manage working capital in a fast-paced environment.

Fastest approvals and payouts:

At AMCAF we understand that time is money in today’s fluid business world. Delays in approvals and the release of funding can be expensive for all parties.

Flexibility to optimise your asset base:

In a world where the only constant is change, AMCAF offers you the opportunity to upgrade or change equipment as needed. Upgraded equipment has the ability to increase revenue and profitability. Further, the optimal life span for assets is no longer determined by depreciation methods.

Choice of brands and equipment:

We understand the benefits of choice and do not limit ourselves to only a few brands or products. The flexibility this affords you will support your business growth and success.


At AMCAF we handle all the contractual requirements, leaving your sales force free to do what they do best – close deals.

Benefits to Clients

Procurement partner:

Our clients see us as their procurement partner – we buy the assets they need and they rent them from us. We do not impede on the clients’ existing relationships with other lenders.

Off-balance sheet lending:

The rental charge is treated as an operating expense. Since our finance solution does not increase the gearing of the business, current banking facilities are left unaffected.

Tax Benefits:

In most cases, wear and tear allowances in Africa are spread over longer periods than the actual useful life of the asset. Our rental solution allows clients to match the tax deduction with the actual life cycle of the asset.


The period from application to pay-out is typically only four weeks.

Broad range of facility sizes:

Our facilities range from $250k – $15m.

Upfront cashflow requirements:

We require no deposit.

Flexible repayment terms:

We allow our clients determine the funding period, up to a maximum of 60 months.

Funding Structure

We extend funding on the following basis:

  • Equipment lease structured on a straight-line basis, typically over 24 – 60 months
  • Off-balance sheet rental with no deposit
  • Deal sizes between $250k and $15m

Clients have a choice of two leasing structures:

Operating Lease

  • No deposit – 100% rental finance
  • Off-balance sheet, improving gearing levels
  • Full rental is a tax-deductible expense
  • Preserve working capital

Sale and Leaseback

  • Restructure your balance sheet:
    • Raise working capital that can be invested into stock and generate a higher return
    • Improve gearing levels
  • Take advantage of future tax benefits




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